transmission of love

Jul 10, 2024

As a noble social welfare cause, blood donation is a red bond that transmits the true feelings of the human world. Manufacturers of surge protectors Anhui Jinli actively responded to the call of the Party branch and Changning Center, and organized employees to participate in the high-tech Zone 2024 centralized blood donation activity.

The early season has arrived, the summer heat, so hot weather did not resist the enthusiasm of Anhui Jinli employees to donate blood. At 8 o 'clock in the morning, the colleagues who signed up for blood donation came to the central blood donation point early, and under the guidance of the community staff, they orderly filled in the unpaid blood donation registration form.

After blood pressure measurement and preliminary blood test, everyone rolled up their sleeves, stepped on the blood donation car in turn, donated their own blood, and demonstrated the strong sense of social responsibility and selfless dedication of Anhui Jinli employees with practical actions!

Blood donation is not terrible, it only needs us a little courage and love, the lightning  SPD protection problem encountered in the process of enterprise electricity is not terrible, JINLI escort for everyone!

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